Altstätten hospital


F.-Marolani-Strasse, 9450 Altstätten

Type of contract

Competition, 1st Prize 2009

Planning period



Canton of St.Gallen


raderschallpartner AG, Meilen

Civil engineering

Borgogno Eggenberger + Partner AG, St.Gallen

HVAC planning

Brunner Haustechnik AG, Wallisellen

To prepare the Altstätten Hospital site for the future, the scheme provides for the accommodation of additional space in an extension building and the renovation of an existing ward wing. In addition, a parking garage is to be built. The ward wing and the new building adjoining it to the west span a half-open courtyard space towards the north-facing slope. In order to maintain operations during construction, the renovation of the hospital will take place in four stages. More

Pedestrians can reach the south side main entrance from Marolanistrasse and from the parking level. Rescue and logistics vehicles reach the hospital building via the north-side service yard, where the emergency access is also located. The consistent separation of the flow of people and goods is continued in the internal circulation structure. There, the circulation areas also serve as common areas and meeting spaces.
A large proportion of the existing buildings will be demolished to make room for the new extension. This includes all the highly equipped examination and treatment areas and creates the conditions for the operation of a modern hospital. The structural design of the new building is based on a concrete frame structure. The interior walls are designed as non-load-bearing walls in lightweight construction, which ensures the greatest possible flexibility of use. The existing ward wing is a massive structure. The necessary adjustments to the floor plan were made with appropriate care. An additional storey to the ward wing is made as a lightweight construction.
Since the facades of the existing building have to be replaced, there was an opportunity to create a new overall appearance. Prefabricated exposed concrete elements clad all parts of the building, with slight differences in the window formats. After completion, the hospital will have a uniform expression that no longer distinguishes between old and new.

1:500 model
Ground floor plan
First floor plan
Fourth floor plan
Sketch elevation
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