Cantonal and vocational school Uetikon


Seestrasse, 8707 Uetikon am See

Type of contract

Competition, 4th prize 2022


Canton of Zurich, Building Department


Antón Landschaft GmbH, Zurich

Thanks to its historic buildings and its situation on the shores of Lake Zurich the CU site possesses unique qualities. These witnesses of an industrial past are retained in the transformation and become points of identification. The new uses are concentrated on the northern half of the site, which leaves room for open spaces along the lakeshore. With eaves that run parallel to the to the shore the two long new buildings continue the existing urban order of the site. Set perpendicular to the buildings, open spaces and two large openings by the new building for the vocational school provide views towards the lake. The old kiln building becomes a landmark, whose gable facades shape the generous square to the west, which has a unique atmosphere and forms the central forum which serves as a recreation and event space for the community as a whole. in the place of the old laboratory building in the east, a new tree-filled park is made, opening view towards the harbour and the lake. Reached by lane which runs from the road to the campus, the newly designed site has the potential to become a lively neighbourhood centre right by Lake Zurich. More

The unique character of the old kiln building is thanks to its massive west facade, as well as its openings and open, steel construction in the covered courtyard area. Is here the teachers and the pupils of the cantonal school entered the courtyard and through it reach the two long buildings. Near to the main entrance one finds the media library as well as a cultural room which also can be used outside of school hours. The north and south wings share the same logic: towards the court stretches an open learning landscape; towards the outside of the building classrooms are arranged in a row.
The old kiln building near the shore is retained and internally adapted in order to take on new uses. One can find evidence of this transformation in the west wing, which is wrapped in glass to become an orangerie. During the day guests at the cafeteria dine between the plants, in the evening the space glows like a lantern. To the north of the Seestrasse lies the former machine building, which is extended with a seven-storey sports and teaching building, which incorporates five new sports halls in the existing building, behind which rises the three levels of teaching spaces. To the West lies the experimental hall, which is used in chemistry and physics lessons. From this space you can look out over the campus towards the lake, and its tall windows gives the building its expression.
The upper floors of the long new building in the west of the site house the vocational college, its ground floor the public functions – small businesses at one end and a hall at the other end. This hall has a foyer towards the gable facade and together with the forum in the open square makes a lively centre in the heart of the campus. The classrooms on the second floor within the volume of the roof and have a clerestory window band which brings additional north light into the large spaces. The asymmetrical pitched roof gives the building to strong gable ends and echoes the memorable silhouette of the kiln building.
Where existing or even protected facades are still present, these are to a large extent retained, carefully restored and enhanced in their original expression. Windows which over time has been closed are opened again and glazed, through which the massive walls become visible. On the north and south facades of the kiln building, the corrugated sheet cladding is replaced. Fixed glazing panels framed in timber give an impression of everyday school life.
the new building of the vocational school has an industrial character. The structure of the timber building is legible in the long facades. Generous glazing gives this building its public character. The space above the hall is clad in semi-transparent corrugated polycarbonate panels, through which light shimmers in the evenings. The internal structure is also expressed in the facades of the sport and MINT building. Tall windows indicate particular uses, such as the experimental hall or the sports halls.

Central meeting place on the lakeshore
6th floor, school building
The floating access path
First floor
Outdoor space between media library and industrial yard
Cross section
Experiments hall with a view over the lake
View from the lake
Classroom on the top floor
South-Western facade of educational building
South-West View to MINT building and sports area
Cross section of open-space building
Open learning landscapes along the facades
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