Goethestrasse housing


Goethestrasse, 9008 St.Gallen

Type of contract

Direct commission, 2011

Construction period



Reseda Invest AG


Bollhalder Walser Architektur AG

The building plot for the two houses is located on the Rosenberg, a south-facing slope with a magnificent view of Säntis and part of the city of St. Gallen. The neighbourhood is characterised by multi-storey, mostly detached, villas. Typically, these have lush gardens and plenty of surrounding space.
The houses owe their urban appearance to several factors: They stand directly on Goethestrasse and are entered from the street. Their prominent presence in the street space is striking, due to their projecting balconies and the generous windows of the living and dining rooms that face the street. More

Precisely placed openings that provide views of the Alpstein and the surrounding planting characterise the other facades. At the same time, the openings respect the privacy of the residents by creating introverted spaces in the apartments. The perforated facades hide the inner complexity of the apartments, which leads to a calm appearance of the buildings.
In total, there are ten apartments of different sizes. The smallest 3.5 room apartment has 110m2, the largest 4.5 room apartment 160m2. The apartments are characterised by large, flexible rooms and generous outdoor spaces. Thanks to different circulation possibilities and versatile spatial relationships, the floor plans can be used in different ways. The particular location and generous balconies make the buildings a good place to live.

Typical upper floor plan
Apartment interior
Entrance hall
Penthouse floor plan
1:50 model of penthouse apartment
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