Renovation Gottfried-Keller house


Gottfried-Keller-Strasse 3, 9000 St.Gallen

Type of contract
Direct comission, 2021
Construction period





Ladina Bischof

Built around 1910, this stately residence is situated on a south-facing slope to the south of St Gallen's city centre. Since it was built over a hundred years ago, the house has seen very few substantial changes. As part of a careful renovation, the original windows, bathroom fixtures, electrics and heating system were replaced and interior finishes were renewed. At the same time, its basic structure with a cellular floor plan was kept intact. Numerous original elements, such as the variously designed window grilles on the ground floor and the wooden relief above the entrance, imbue the century-old house with a special charm. Complemented by simple, precise interventions and a distinctive colour scheme, the building is now a setting for a contemporary home. More

In the generous entrance hall, petrol-blue panelling accentuates the space. From there you enter the salon, the dining room and the newly renovated kitchen. All the living rooms retain their old parquet floors. On the upper floor, bold colours also lend the house a personal touch. A bathroom and three study bedrooms adjoin the coral-red anteroom. In the simply converted attic there is also room for a guest niche and an additional bathroom.
While inside the new features are clearly visible, on the outside the lightly rendered house looks almost unchanged. In consultation with the local conservation officers, the only changes were the installation of new, simple metal railings on the balcony to the south and on the loggia overlooking the city.

View South-East
View Of The City
A House In The Trees
Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall
Living Room
Dining Room
View Into The Vestibule
Attic Room
Sleeping Under The Roof
North Facade
East Facade
South Facade
West Facade
Attic Floor Plan
Floor Plan 1st Floor
Floor Plan Ground Floor
Basement Floor
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