Hörler house


Quellensteig, 9500 Wil

Type of contract

Competition, 1st prize 2012

Construction period



Lukas Murer

The proud, three-storey house is set in the eastern half of the site, to create an expansive outdoor space to the west. Towards the rear, the house widens along a long wall. This extends around the corner and creates a patio to the east. A forecourt spans between the house and the residential street, leading directly to the entrance. More

The house is a spatial continuum, based on the examination of different room heights, visual relationships and versatile pathways within the building. Residents and visitors enter through a bright entrance hall. A staircase leads up to the light-filled, two-storey atrium. It is the heart of the building and connects the main rooms with each other. On one side, three steps lead to the dining room and kitchen. The other side leads to the guest and housekeeping wing, which is also on a higher level. Shallow steps, flanked by a built-in bookcase, lead to the living room or on to the private upper floor with the bedrooms. The living room is also accessible via the dining room. The lower room height gives it a more private character. Here, attention is focused on the view of the Alpstein and the Churfirsten, framed by two precisely placed windows. In the dining room, on the other hand, it is the large garden that dominates the space. Like a picture, you look through a large window into the landscape. The kitchen also has a connection to the outdoors. It borders on the sheltered garden seating area with adjoining pergola. Most of the outdoor spaces are private spaces that can hardly be seen from the outside.
The open forecourt is different, giving the entrance a strong presence on the street. This gives the single-family house an atypically public character. The tower-like effect of the house towards the street supports the striking appearance. It stems from the attic storey, which is moved to the side as far as possible and together with the storey below forms a towering form. The rough structure of the exterior, trowel-thrown render, also contributes to the particular character of the house

Garden elevation
Double-height corridor
Garden pavillon
Intermediate space leading to the eastern outdoor space
Eastern outdoor space
Palette of materials and colours
Street facade
Basement level plan
Ground floor plan
First floor plan
The view down through the house
Longitudinal and cross sections
Staircase by the living room
View from the dining area to the terrace
Living room with fireplace
Bathroom lit from above
View towards the garden pavillon
Design sketch, garden pavillon
The house in the landscape
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