Im Russen housing


Sonnmattstrasse, 9015 St.Gallen

Type of contract

Direct commission, 1985

Construction period



Insurance fund of the city of St.Gallen


ARGE with P.+S. Quarella BSA/SIA, St.Gallen

The three long residential buildings are located directly on the busy Zürcherstrasse in the far west of St.Gallen. Thanks to the hillside location, the scheme is able to naturally orient itself to the green belt beyond. A natural stone wall along the main road forms the backbone of the project. From there, the site is set out in a series of terraces down the hill. The different levels are used as kitchen gardens, ramps and playgrounds. The protruding central block forms a square and gives the scheme its symmetry. More

The buildings are accessed via generous staircases and arcades to the north, which serve as entrance zones to the different apartments. The living rooms and bedrooms, which are placed along the south facade, are connected via sliding doors, which allows for flexible use.
Stacked, glazed verandas structure the southern facades. The narrow, flat gable ends and the light grey Eternit tiles give the development its distinctive character.

First and second floor plans
Situation plan
South elevation
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