Kindergartenweg housing


Kindergartenweg, 9244 Niederuzwil

Type of contract

Competition, 1st Prize 2017

Construction period



Uze AG, Uzwil


Pauli Stricker GmbH, St.Gallen


Lukas Murer

The plot on Kindergartenweg is located in a quiet residential area and is characterised by its beautiful existing tree stock. Two different building types complement each other and form an ensemble. The narrow and compact structures allow for generous open spaces. All ground-floor apartments have a private garden that merges into the communal outdoor space. The three row buildings have a continuous layer of balconies in the south and a layer of pergolas in the north. Thus, there is a filter between the exterior and interior spaces on both sides. More

The development comprises 55 compact apartments, all arranged according to the same principle. In the centre of the apartment, a narrow layer stretches across the whole of the building, which incorporates entrance, kitchen and loggia. This layer of small rooms not only takes on many functions, it also creates the different areas of the plan. The different possibilities of passing through, separating or opening these rooms lead to a complexity that is unusual for small apartments.
The five apartment buildings are constructed with simple and, where possible, industrially prefabricated components, to economically ensure quality. The entire building envelope is made of one-brick masonry, which, alongside its load-bearing role, also insulates and protects. The other materials chosen strive for a balance between cost-effectiveness and durability.


Public outdoor area and staircase
Landscaping works and access path
Facade and balconies
Public in-between space
Typical floor plan
Inside the stairwell
Typical floor plan of punctiform buildings
Living room and kitchen
View from the living room towards balcony and kitchen
Cross-section though longitudinal buildings
Entrance to the housing estate
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