Swimming pool and lido



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Competition, 3rd prize 2023





General contractor




Civil engineering


The new outdoor swimming pool is calmly set in its own grounds, among a heterogenous environment of a residential area, an ice-hockey stadium, and a recreational area by the lake. In this context, open space and built space form an indivisible whole. The operational spaces of the indoor and outdoor pools are brought together in a compact, rectangular building, placed in the northwest corner of the site, which keeps enough of the site free to make a large, continuous open space. The new building is low, the line of its eaves is in relation to the surrounding housing. The building is slightly raised on a plinth, creating a strong relationship with the lake. Sheltered by the building, the heart of the scheme opens towards the lake: a park-like green space, divided into smaller areas by the topography and planting. More

With the aim of creating a compact volume that is well integrated into its site, the heights of the rooms and the section of the building are adapted to the uses of each space. The building is divided into three levels: the entrance level, pool level and wellness level. Visitors enter in the northwest corner of the building via a generous entrance hall that brings together the reception, tills, and kiosk. Visitors arrive and go on to their different destinations on this level, which includes the changing rooms.
Visitors reach the pool level by an attractive stairwell. The pools are clearly located, each taking up a corner of the building. The landscape of the pool level is given its character by the timber structure, in particular the rhythm of the timber beams. The location of the pools offers different views out into the surroundings. The café in the southwest corner of the building looks out towards the lake; its outdoor seating is covered by an open timber structure and is directly adjacent to the lounging platforms of the outdoor sun deck.
The upper level is mostly taken up by the wellness area, an exciting sequence of different spaces. In its centre, a set of saunas and steam baths are grouped around a light-filled, square courtyard. The lounge and relaxation spaces are located to the south, alongside the facade and two outdoor terraces. Between the terraces is another sauna, which also offers a magnificent view over the park and out towards the lake.
The pool building is largely constructed in timber, in a filigree, pavilion-like architecture that rises above a solid plinth. The roof is capped by a projecting canopy that runs around the building, which extends out further to the south, creating an inviting roof over the entrance, with large openings that provide a view of the sky. This side of the building, towards the lake, is the principal facade of the building, and reminiscent of a pergola. The spatial layer forms a filter between inside and outside and gives the building its distinctive appearance.

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