Oedenhof area


Romanshornerstrasse, 9300 Wittenbach

Type of contract

Competition, 1st Prize 2013

Construction period



Cooperative Migros Ostschweiz

General contractor

Bollhalder Walser Architektur AG


Ladina Bischof

Oedenhof is a major development in the centre of Wittenbach, near St Gallen. It consists of a series of compact, mostly residential buildings and a low, main commercial building. The eight-storey building at the intersection of Romanshornerstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse creates an address for the development, and continues line of the facades along Romanshornerstrasse to complete the street space. Due to the loose arrangement of the buildings the district has a high degree of permeability. New connections are made through it, with pleasant squares that invite people to linger. Commercial uses on the ground floors contribute to the revitalisation of the town centre. Bollhalder Eberle Architektur is responsible for the masterplan as well as for the planning and construction of the Oedenhof itself. More

This building complex comprises a plinth building with a linear extension and two compact buildings facing the street spaces. The spacious forecourt on the west side connects with the open space of the adjacent "Zum Zentrum" development to form a shared square. While the ground floor is reserved for retail, the upper floors contain 59 rental apartments with 2.5 to 3.5 rooms. The roof of the plinth is intensively planted: a garden with shrubs and flowers forms a pleasant view for those that surround it. The first-floor apartments adjacent to the roof garden are given a private terrace. All the other apartments have private outdoor spaces in the form of loggias. Their floor plans are characterised by flowing room transitions and the absence of typical corridors.
The project meets the requirements for the Swiss Minergie standard. Heat is generated via ground heat source system, and also makes use of the waste heat from the refrigeration system of a wholesaler. The photovoltaic systems on the roofs make a considerable contribution to the electricity needs of the building. These modules are arranged in such a way that they form a distinctive shape and form an integral part of the architecture: Shaped into dark hats that accentuate the building structures.
Clear, geometric forms characterise the development. The two compact buildings have the same structure in the base, middle section and roof. Concrete elements give the facades a strong structure. Fields of plastered walls alternate with areas of windows and loggias. This gives the Oedenhof a distinctive, urban character which helps shape the character of the town centre itself.

Ground floor plan
First floor plan
Basement level plan
Staircase detail
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