Peter und Paul housing


Peter-und-Paul-Strasse, 9010 St.Gallen

Type of contract

Competition, 1st Prize 2013

Construction period





Lukas Murer

The apartment building has the same characteristic alignment of the other buildings along Peter-und-Paul-Strasse. The hybrid typology developed for this location building achieves a high density and fits into the different urban situations of the surroundings. In its volumetric approach towards the street, the building takes up the small-scale grain of the surroundings, which is characterised by detached and semi-detached houses. On Peter-und-Paul-Strasse, the house appears introverted. Formally, it is based on early modernist models. At that time, many of the buildings that are important for the townscape today were built on the Rosenberg. More

The hedge that accompanies the road on both sides will be continued and is an important component of the project. The space-creating hedge is only interrupted in the area of the garage entrance and the main entrance. In contrast to the street side, the building appears as a stately villa on the city side. Horizontal and vertical balcony elements divide the long facade. The house develops its characteristic expression through the tower-like expression of the round balconies and the attic projecting locally to the level of the facade. At the top, a wind vane sets a playful accent.
Due to the slight bend in the linear axis, the building adapts to the natural terrain and opens up in the south to form a large meadow area, typical of the neighbourhood. A pavilion with a fireplace – derived from the previous building and the neighbouring property – allows the garden to be collectively used and experienced. All eleven apartments are accessed via the same main entrance from Peter-und-Paul-Strasse. In addition to the two attic apartments, a third, attic-like apartment with living and dining room with higher ceilings was made. Three apartments have direct access to the garden. The other apartments benefit from large balconies in front.
Based on the models of classic middle-class plan types, contemporary apartments were created to suit different living models. Generous entrance areas allow the apartments to be entered in different ways. Circular corridors reinforce the effect of scale of the apartments. Rooms can be added to the living spaces via the outer enfilade and used as entertainment rooms, offices or libraries. This creates either more open or intimate atmospheres in the rooms. There are numerous visual relationships within the apartments. The apartments are scenographically charged and evoke a new sense of space depending on one’s point of view.

View from the south
Street facade
Entrance situation
Entrance hall with bench
Entrance hall
An entrance area inside an apartment
Looking into depth of the building
Kitchen detail
Outlook to the northwest
Outlook to the southeast
Looking into the apartment's depth
View from the balcony
Garden pavillon
Garden pavillon detail
Upper floor plan
Competition image
South elevation
Historical images
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