TON sideboard




CHF 2950.– incl. VAT


Suter Caputo

TON is a sideboard made from of everyday materials used in a direct way, with all its joints on display.
The elements are dimensioned to be just as strong as structurally necessary; only as many screws as needed are used hold the individual parts together. Simple, two-dimensional components come together to form a nimble, yet stoic piece of furniture.
Ideas of carrying loads, lightness and heaviness: TON gets its characteristic appearance from unmistakable proportions, carefully designed details and its high-quality surfaces. More

Dimensions: H 950mm W 2156mm D 331mm
Surfaces: MDF silk-gloss lacquered, edges rough sawn
Available in light brown and dark brown
Brass screws and pins, feet with lateral height adjustment
12 rows of perforated holes for inserts
Made in Switzerland

Design sketch
Axometric drawing of the structure
Axometric drawing of the structure
Design sketch
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