St. Bernhard chapel


Bollenwees, 9050 Rüte AI

Type of contract

Direct commission, 1973

Construction period



Chapel association Bollenwees


Bollhalder Walser Architektur

Lake Fälensee and Alp Bollenwees are nestled in the beautiful Alpstein massif. From them, hiking trails lead in all four directions. A dark, pointed roof rises from the fir tops behind the mountain guesthouse, pointing in the direction of Kreuzberg. This is the ridge of the St. Bernhard Chapel.
The open-air chapel consists only of this distinctive roof and a small altar built of stacked stones. A plain crucifix hangs in the pitched, open gable. Narrow benches made of dark wood are stretched between the concrete footings of the roof beams. The roof, with its wooden underside has a warm atmosphere and allows a community and its voices to gather beneath it.
On the outside, it is clad with Eternit tiles of the same light grey tone of the nearby rocks. The structure was built by many volunteers from the scouts, together with local companies.

Roof detail
Foundation plinth detail
Foundation plinth
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