Renovation St. Maria Neudorf church


Rorschacherstrasse, 9016 St.Gallen

Type of contract

Competition, 1st Prize 2013

Construction period



Katholische Kirchgemeinde St.Gallen

Original construction

Adolf Gaudy, 1914–1917


Ladina Bischof

The Catholic parish church of St. Maria is located in the St. Gallen district of Neudorf, east of the historic centre. It stands on an elongated elevation, noticeably raised from the level of the street. Even today, the church’s scale and location make it an urban accent. The church was built in 1914–1917 according to the plans of Adolf Gaudy, an important representative of Catholic church building in Switzerland.
After the church interior had undergone a restoration in 2004–2005, the outer envelope was next to be renovated. Extensive scaffolding and an emergency roof over the entire building, both in themselves a construction project of considerable effort, made the work possible in the first place. More

New tiles, modelled on the original, replaced the old, damaged tiles. A specially developed recipe for the project ensured that the tonality of the new roofing resembles that of the existing roof. In addition to flat tiles, convex and concave pieces were also produced in order to faithfully reproduce the existing roof details.
Broken and leaking copper sheeting was replaced, while intact copper elements were restored. From the sub-roof, a renewal of the entire roof structure and all its joints took place. The badly damaged tower spire was re-roofed. The numerous stone elements were thoroughly cleaned, and the concrete ribs of the large church windows were carefully repaired. Defective areas in the plaster were rebuilt. Afterwards, the entire facade was given a uniform coat of paint.

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