Renovation Trautenaustrasse house


Trautenaustrasse, 10717 Berlin, Wilmersdorf

Type of contract

Direct commission, 2001

Construction period




The apartment building on Trautenaustrasse was gently renovated and the attic converted into spacious apartments. During the conversion, the southern end of the building was raised. Thus, the building now forms an urbanistically characteristic front facade and at the same time creates new attractive interior spaces. More

The public areas such as the staircases and lifts exude the spirit of the period in which they were built, even after they have been renovated. In the apartments on the regular floors, the bathrooms were refreshed and the riser zones renovated. There are eight new, spacious apartments in the attic. A light wooden floor gives the rooms a soft light. The open floor plan allows for many different views through the living spaces to the city beyond. A great deal of attention was paid to the placement and design of the dormers. Some of them are aligned with partition walls, creating bright niches under the sloping roofs. Others have windows that wrap around their corners, creating more interesting views. The complex situation of the building was met inside and out with clear lines and a reduced palette of materials.
On the outside, the renovated facades and the inner courtyard, redesigned with simple means, point to the changes. The strong colour of the ground surface emphasises the spatial tension of the narrow, angular courtyard space. The base is treated in another colour, creating an inviting area on the ground floor.

Entrance hall
Attic storey
Floor plan of corner apartment
Floor plan of apartment
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